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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Past Perfect #54

"Reviews from the floor of 64" first saw the light of day back in 2008 as a comics magazine dedicated to everything to do with Power Comics and, thanks to Paul Ware’s admirable efforts, has now notched up an amazing 54 issues. Along the way this small but perfectly formed comics magazine changed its name (and it focus) to Past Perfect when the scope of the magazine was expanded to include the world that existed outside the Power Comics.

Each issue is A5 sized, typically 28 pages long and has a good mix of colour and black & white pages.
Each issue contains a review of one issue of Terrific or Fantastic (the current issues review Terrific #23) as well as other comics, annuals & fiction of the period and there’s also a letters page.

The current issue looks at Conan the Barbarian (part 12 of an on-going series, basically reviewing one issue per magazine). Alpha Flight (part 8 of an on-going series) and  the TV Century 21 annual for 1967.
This magazine is the best of all things, it’s compact, it’s written from the heart (with all the enthusiasm that gives a fanzine) but is produced with the head (giving it the regularity of a professional magazine).

All in all, excellent value for £2.

Contributors are welcome.
Subscriptions are available for Past Perfect (including the 2 special editions he’s produced) and for Paul’s other (how does he find the time?) publications, Dark Dominion and Star Sword Red

Or email Paul directly via

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