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Friday, 16 February 2007

Delving into British comics history...

Cartoonist Lew Stringer has just added a cracking tribute to Express Weekly to his increasingly wonderful British comics blog (I just wonder where he's finding time to do some cartooning!) This near-forgotten title included contributions from Ron Embleton and Mike Noble and also featured Danger Man stories - something Ian Wheeler and I will be offering further information on in an upcoming issue of Comics International.

Talking of comics history, Mike Gent has just written a fab article on the humour comic Cor!! for downthetubes - check it out via this link.

Meanwhile, my secret comics project is taking shape nicely here in Lancaster. Lots of meetings which have involved trekking to both ends of the country to meet various publishers. More when I can tell you...

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Dalek Cutaway

Dalek CutawayHere's another piece of comics art I'm offering via e-bay: a superb Dalek cutaway by Lee Sullivan, commissioned by me while editor of Doctor Who Magazine as a page for Marvel's Doctor Who Year Book 1993, this cutaway of an Imperial Dalek by Lee Sullivan (whose signature appears on the art) was based on visual reference supplied by BBC Effects designer Mike Tucker. The design is based on the "teleport" scene in the TV story Remembrance of the Daleks when the interior of a Dalek is briefly visible in all its grisly gory.

The artwork is standard Marvel size, black and white on board with a paper protector still attached and is, in my opinion, a fantastic piece of work I'm sure will appeal to any Dalek fan.

I've included a picture of the art as it finally appeared in the Year Book below. The colour was added at production stage, the artwork offered is not in colour.

Dalek CutawayWho fans will recall Marvel published several Year Books, which Gary Russell, who followed me as editor, took more in the direction of a fond tribute to the Annuals published by World Distributors. This YearBook features a terrific Dalek strip by Paul Cornell and drawn by Lee Sullivan and I also have some art from that I'll be offering soon.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Doctor Who - Hulk Presents Comic Art for sale

Stitch in Time art
I'm having a spring clean of some of my comics collection and am offering a complete Doctor Who comic strip, drawn by Geoff "Transformers" Senior, on e-bay.

Titled "Stitch in Time" and written by me as an affectionate comment on channel hopping, the five-page strip was first published in Marvel UK's anthology title "Hulk Presents". Although I wrote the strip, I didn't own the art until I took it to an auction at a Doctor Who convention in the North East. There were no takers so I ended up buying it myself!

I hope I have better luck selling it this time...

You can view watermarked versions of the pages here - some people said the images I posted on ebay were too small, sorry!

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