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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hulk versus Death's Head!

Apart from a cameo confrontation between Death's Head II and the Incredible Hulk in Marvel UK's Shadow Riders #1 (a little in joke on the part of myself and co-writer Brian Williamson, at the expense of the often maddening demands of editor in chief Paul Neary to have as many Death's Head II appearance in MUK early 1990s books as possible), it's amazing the two characters have apparently never met in the 'real' Marvel Universe.

While it's incredibly unlikely such an encounter ever will happen (which we all here at downthetubes think is a downright shame), comics artist Simon Williams has at least stepped up to the plate and is delivering an unofficial encounter between the original Death's Head and the green-skinned behemoth over on his deviantart pages.

"I thought some of you older Marvel UK fans may get a kick out of this," he told Marvel UK fans on the make Mine Marvel UK Facebook group. "It's a comic strip that just started out for fun... but has since taken on a life of it's own!

"It features a battle between two of my all-time favourite characters: Death's Head and the Incredible Hulk... a fight I've always wanted to see done in comics, but the likelihood of it happening seemed like zilch. So I thought, well.. since I've drawn both characters professionally, why don't I do it?

"It started of as just a couple of pages that I'd posted up on my Deviant Art page, but has since then became pretty popular... with people often emailing me asking when I'd be doing more! Seeing as it's set in the Hulk's past, I decided to draw it in a style much like the old Marvel UK comics from the 1970's... hence the grey-toning."

The art is a wondrful tribute to the Hulk strips republished by Marevl UK bac in the 1970s and 1980s and well worth checking out. Plus, it's Death's Head -- what's stopping any MUK fan from checking that out?

• Check out the ongoing battle at:
Simon Williams Deviant Art Web Site

Giant-Size Band-Thing!

You know, now I'm even more annoyed that I missed out on the Birmingham International Comic Show last weekend (the result of circumstances beyond my control). If I'd been able to make it for the whole weekend and known they were on, I'd really have liked to have seen comics artist Liam Sharp and co, aka the Giant-Size Band-Thing strutting their stuff at the Launch Party, but twas no to be.

So instead, those of us who missed Liam, Phil Winslade, Charlie Adlard and Paul Birch perform as an all-comic-pro band to help kick the con off, we'll just have to settle for the entire set on YouTube (playlist ink below), the gig the result after a mere five rehearsals!

"Who knows," says Liam. "the Giant-Size Band-Thing may keep on rolling..."

In terms of the day job, Liam's new book, Gears of War #1 is out now in the US, and his novel, God Killers, is out now too. More information at:

Friday, 10 October 2008

Temple Digital Showcase launched

The first edition of British Amateur Press Association group The Temple's digital showcase is now available online from their web site to download as a free PDF.

The 36 page magazine contains contributions from 10 members, including the likes of Paul Harrison-Davies, Simon Mackie, Malcolm Kirk and more.

Inside you'll find cartoons, full strips, previews of soon to be released small press comics, work in progress, and a behind the scenes look at making a webcomic.

If you're a comic artist/writer who's interested in joining the Temple APA, then more details are available on the site (it's as simple as clicking 'join'). Although this is the first digital issue (apart from Issue 0, which is also available on the site), the Temple's been running for more than ten years now and seen a wealth of talent come and go. Everyone's welcome, from the rawest amateur to the most seasoned pro.

It's a good place to learn from each other and hone your skills, or simply draw more attention to upcoming projects.

Web Link:

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Win Copies of Gothic

Creators Leah Moore and John Reppion have dropped us a line to say that one of the highlights of the Birmingham International Comics Show this past weekend (see their report) was getting their hands on copies of David Hitchcock's new newspaper format anthology Gothic (see earlier news story).

Leah and John have three copies of Gothic to give away, all of which have been signed by them and Mr. Hitchcock.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning them is to answer the following question, as highlighted here on their official site:

To date, Leah and John have collaborated with Dave on three stories for Accent UK's yearly anthologies. Two of the stories are contained in Gothic and one is set to be published in 2009. What are the full titles of those three stories?

Email your answers to and the lucky winners will be announced here on the Reppion and Moore web site on Hallowe'en.

Visit the Leah Moore and John Reppion web site
• Find out more about Gothic on Dave Hitchcock's blog or via this earlier downthetubetubes story

The Sun's Thunderbirds Spoof

We admit it. Some of us at downthetubes - well, aside from flicking through the paper in the local takeaway to read Striker! - are not regular Sun readers, but full marks to the editorial team for this gem of a cover this morning... Read the full story, describing British chancellor Alistair Darling as a "Thunderbirds lookalike" on The Sun's web site.

Spaceship Away On Sale Now

Spaceship Away Issue 16The latest issue of the Dan Dare-inspired comics magazine Spaceship Away is on sale now via the official web site, featuring no less than eleven strips - including part one Secrets of Ceres, an all-new adventure by downthetubes editor John Freeman and artist Mike Nicoll.

The issue also features a Dan Dare 'prequel' strip, Rocket Pilot, written and drawn by top Commando artist Keith Page; the first episode of a beautifully coloured version of Nick Hazard, Intersteallar Agent, drawn by Ron Turner (colouring supplied by John Ridgway); and two more continuing original Dan Dare strips, Green Nemesis and The Gates of Eden.

Editor Rod Barzilay sees the issue as a 'jumping on point' for new readers, with Ian McLumpha's Space Girls and Eric Chilton's Journey into Space (drawn by Tacconi) just two more strips in the jam-packed line up, complemented by a range of features on the making of the original Dan Dare stories.

Published three times a year,this full colour, glossy magazine started out as a way to get a newly created 1950’s ‘old Eagle’ style Dan Dare strip story (Drawn by Keith Watson and Don Harley) in print, along with how it was done.

The magazine has grown from 24 to 48 pages a time, and is now moving sideways into other science fiction.

"Spaceship Away is evolving all the time," says dedicated editor Rod Barzilay, "and there are more new things already in the pipeline."

To get the magazine delivered to your door, go straight to Spaceship Away Order Page
• More about Ex Astris at

'Comic Timing' Exhibition Continues

The Harrods "Comic Timing" Exhibition, previously featured on these pages, is continuing until 31 October.

Rich Johnston has been in touch to let us know that "after a couple of false starts (signage and some frames were delayed a week), the exhibition in a small especially darkened corner of Harrods has been drawing people from across the globe and coverage from Popbitch to The Sunday Post.

"When I was a kid I could pretend I could tell my parents I was reading, even though I was just reading a comic," says writer-comedian Richard Herring of the exhibition. "Now I can say I am going to an art gallery, even though I am just going to look at some comics. Thanks, comics!"

• "Comic Timing" is located in the Lower Ground Floor of Harrods and is directly down the stairs from Door Five, by the Knightsbridge Tube exit.
View a "Virtual Version" of the Exhbition on Flickr


Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Gentleman Jim by Raymond Briggs
Judge Dredd by Peter Harris/Pat Mills and Mike McMahon
Judge Dredd by John Wagner and Jock
The Bash Street Kids by Kev F Sutherland
Dennis The Menace by David Law
Korky The Kat by James Crighton
Oor Wullie by Dudley T Watkins
Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland
V For Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds
Petra Etcetera by Adrian Kermode and Terry Wiley
Commando by Alan Hemus and Dennis McLoughlin
Finbarr Saunders And His Double Entendres by Simon Thorp
Tank Girl by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett
Tale Of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot
Mauretania by Chris Reynolds
Captain Britain by Alan Moore and Alan Davis
Phonogram 2 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
Breakfast After Noon by Andi Watson
Slaine by Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry
Robusters by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill
Summer Of Love by Peter Milligan and Brendon McCarthy
Four Feet From A Rat by Mother and Liam Sharp
Rhapsody Of Love by Jeremy Dennis
All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
The Filth by Grant Morrison and Chris Weston
Hellblazer by Eddie Campbell and Sean Phillips
Nellyphant by Leo Baxendale
Face Ache by Ken Reid
Jackie, The 8:17 by Unknown Artist
Robin Hood by Angus Allan and Arthur Ranson
Cherubs by Bryan Talbot and Mark Stafford
Judge Death by John Wagner and Frazer Irving
Jack Staff by Paul Grist
Books Of Magic by Neil Gaiman and Paul Johnson
Goddess by Garth Ennis and Phil Winslade
Wired World by Philip Bond
Charley's War by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhon

The Return of Classics Illustrated

Classics Illustrated #1Classics Illustrated (originally Classic Comics) was an American comic book series which ran from 1941 to 1971 and featured comic strip adaptations of literary classics ranging from The Time Machine to Moby Dick and Romeo and Juliet to The Jungle Book. Each issue featured stunning artwork and benefited from superb scripting.

169 issues were published in all, along with a Classics Illustrated Junior title featuring fairy tales such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for younger readers.

There have been various reprint versions of Classics Illustrated and the original British version ran for 162 issues and included 13 stories which had not formed part of the original American run.

Now, Classics Illustrated and Classic Illustrated Junior are back on the shelves of British booksellers and newsagents. Jeff Brooks, a collector and dealer of vintage CI issues, has re-launched the two titles through his company Classic Comic Store Ltd.

The books are licensed from Jack Lake Productions Inc of Canada (JLPI) who hold the copyright on behalf of First Classics Inc. and Jeff is able to release his magazines in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Ireland and beyond.

We are delighted that Jeff has agreed to share his thoughts on his new venture with downthetubes' Ian Wheeler.

Read the interview on the main downthetubes web site
Comment on the interview in the downthetubes forum (membership required, free)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Come On Ye Reds!

After all the Roy Of The Rovers books due out from Titan in time for Christmas, Vision Sports Publishing of London have jumped on the bandwagon and released two football related graphic novels to compete with all those books on Melchester Rovers.

Liverpool! and United! cover the history of the two big English football clubs in comic strip format, written and illustrated by former Roy Of The Rovers artist Bob Bond. The hardback books cover the period from the formation of the clubs through to the end of the 2007/2008 season in 56 pages of colour artwork and are priced at £9.99 each.

Based on Amazon UK's current sales ranks Liverpool are well in the lead with Liverpool! at number 83,030 and United! at number 324,037.

Can Manchester pull back those Christmas sales before the full time whistle blows?

Buy Liverpool! The Comic Strip History of Liverpool FC from
Buy United! The Comic Strip History of Manchester United from

The Forgotten Heroes Of Beanotown

Not much warning but if anyone is within travelling distance of Dundee on Wednesday 8 October then Dr Chris Murray will be giving a talk to the Abertay Historical Society on The Forgotten Heroes Of Beanotown.

Dr Murray was the organiser of the Dundee Literary Festival Comics Day in June and talked at the Happy Birthday Beano event in July. This time his subject will be the often overlooked and short lived superheroes created for the DC Thomson comics and story papers in the 1930s and 1940s and the role that those titles played in the war effort.

The talk will take place at 6:30pm in Discovery Point on the Dundee waterfront on Wednesday 8 October 2008. Entrance is free and membership of the Abertay Historical Society is not required. Refreshments will be available from 6:00pm.

Markosias's new Starship Troopers Title

Starship Troopers #11AAM/Markosia, British publishers of the hit series Kong: King of Skull Island, Starship Troopers and the critically acclaimed The Boy Who Made Silence, have announced the release of a Starship Troopers one-shot this coming December, War Stories: Tasch, scripted by the talented Cy Dethan with art from newcomers Neil van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas.

"War Stories: Tasch is essentially an "origin" piece," explains Cy Dethan. "Before signing up for Pathfinder training, Private Naomi Tasch was a specialised sniper, working alongside a Mk-II combat Neodog. Neodogs are genetically and cybernetically altered animals with enhanced intelligence and physical attributes, linked to their handlers through a complex set of implants.

"During a full-scale planetary evacuation, Tasch's Neodog partner goes missing and she puts her career and life on the line to find him. In doing so, she demonstrates the loyalty, single-mindedness and raw brilliance that will one day make a Pathfinder out of her."

War Stories: Tasch is van Antwerpen and Douglas's first published work. "We've shared a common passion of creating comics for as long as we can remember," said artist van Antwerpen, "After years of honing our skills on personal projects and small press books the break finally came when publisher Harry Markos offered us a one-shot Starship Troopers issue written by Cy. Needless to say we took it!"

"We'd both read Cy's Bad Blood story arc which was drawn by Paul Green and thought it was incredible," said inker Peter-David Douglas, "so it's thrilling for us to be involved in a project like this. We hope that it will be a springboard to regular work in the industry, something we've worked very hard towards."

Launched in 2005 AAM/Markosia has been a leader in the independent publishing field. 2008 marked their most ambitious campaign to date as the company debuted a range of new titles, with many more to follow in 2009.

Doctor Who Stand-Up Returns to Lancaster

Tony HadokeTop comedian and actor Toby Hadoke returns to the Dukes, Lancaster this month with his hilarious hit show, Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf.

This razor sharp comic odyssey, at The Dukes on Saturday 18 October (and will also be performed at other venues in places such as Belfast and Keswick, see below), charts the rise, fall and rise again of the TV legend. A must for anyone who has ever had a passion for anything, this critically acclaimed show has delighted even those who've never seen Doctor Who.

Eagle eyed audiences may remember Toby from his performance at The Dukes in The Talented Mr Ripley four years ago.

"Last time I came to The Dukes I died on stage," Toby recalls. "I hope not to repeat that experience!

"To be fair though, I was supposed to, stabbed to death by an extremely talented Mr Ripley: as fat Freddie Miles, I had to wear significant amounts of padding, to bulk out my girth. Time has not been particularly kind though, and nowadays such padding would be unnecessary.

"I loved being in Lancaster and thoroughly enjoyed my stint at The Dukes, so I look forward to getting the audience aboard my time machine of mirth."

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf was a complete sell out at Edinburgh festivals in 2006 and 2007 gaining five star reviews from all press, leading to a recent acclaimed West End run.

Toby is an actor, writer and stand-up comedian. As a stand-up, he has been resident compere of the multi award winning XS Malarkey Comedy Club in Manchester for over a decade. His television acting credits include The Forsythe Saga and Phoenix Nights and he also has made many appearances on stage around the country.

• The complete list of tour dates is below

ComICA 2008 Line-Up Unveiled

(with thanks to Paul Gravett): London's International Comics Festival returns to the ICA and other venues, including an exhibition in the ICA Concourse Gallery, between 13 and 26th November 2008.

There's plenty to appeal to downthetubes readers, but of special interest will be the Comiket of creators co-organised by
London Underground Comics, Steve Holland's talk on classic British comics, and appearances by Alan Moore and Pat Mills -- that said, the whole line up is a terrific mix of many comics genres that will have wide apeal, so book your tickets early!

The Festival programme is detailed below. For more details and tickets visit

Friday, 14 November: One Day Symposium: Archetypes v Stereotypes - Post-War Comics & Graphic Novels
10am to 5.30pm Lecture Theatre, V&A Museum, South Kensington, London. Tickets: £40, concessions available. Book online or email
Examining the formation and function of archetypes and stereotypes - racial, sexual, social and political - in British and American comics and graphic novels of the post-war period. The day explores the extent to which the images and text associated with this genre can be progressive or reactionary; do they subvert dominant stereotypes or endorse them?

10.00 Coffee & Registration

10.30 Welcome & Introduction:
With John Meriton, Ian Rakoff and Paul Gravett.

10.40 Ian Rakoff - Art of the Century:
Comparing and contrasting the movies and the comics.

11.35 Charles Dierick, Director of the Hergé Museum:
Tintin in the Congo and Racial Stereotypes in Comics.

12.20 Dougie Braithwaite & Richard Reynolds:
Dougie Braithwaite, artist on Justice, interviewed by Richard Reynolds, author of Superheroes: A Modern Mythology, about changing attitudes and representations from Superman to Watchmen and beyond.

12.50 Discussion

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Eric Fernie, Courtauld Institute:
Women's Roles in Post-War Comics from Jane to Dylan Dog.

14.45 Pat Mills, UK/US comics writer, & Derek Liverpool, researcher:
Black, female and other minority characters in modern British and American comics. Chaired by Paul Gravett.

15.30 Coffee break

15.50 From Hippies To Yuppies:
Posy Simmonds on writing and drawing the British classes.

16.35 Women Creators & Characters Today:
Lise Myhre, strip cartoonist of Goth-girl Nemi in Metro, and Asia Alfasi, Muslim autobiographical graphic novelist, interviewed by Corinne Pearlman.

17.15 Plenary Discussion

Friday, 14 November: Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie: Lost Girls
7pm to 8pm Lecture Theatre, V&A Museum, South Kensington, London
Tickets: £8, concessions available, adults only Book online or call +44 (0)20 7942 2211
Legendary anarchist, occultist and comics writer Alan Moore is famous for his subversion of the classic American comic book genre and for groundbreaking works such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, and From Hell. A celebrated recent work is Lost Girls, three volumes portraying the adult erotic lives of storybook characters Alice, Wendy and Dorothy who meet in a pre-World War One Austrian hotel created with the artist Melinda Gebbie. Moore and Gebbie talk about their collaboration with the writer Kevin Jackson.

Sunday, 16 November: Conversations - Dave McKean’s Imaginings
2pm to 3.30pm, Brandon Room, ICA. Tickets: Each talk - £6, £5 concs, £4 members (All three of today's talks - £15, £12 concs, £9 members)
An indefatigable innovator, this year Dave McKean has conjured up The Graveyard Book with Neil Gaiman, The Savage with David Almond, drawing books Squink and Postcard from Paris, and Heston Blumenthal’s huge autobio-cookbook. Take a tour of his newest imaginings and his next solo comics.
Supported by Bloomsbury & Walker Books

Sunday, 16 November: Conversations - Between The Panels 3
4pm to 5.30pm Nash Room, ICA. Tickets: Each talk - £6, £5 concs, £4 members (All three of today's talks - £15, £12 concs, £9 members)
How do you make a graphic short story, and develop it into a graphic novel? Hannah Berry, Paul Duffield, Oliver East and Marcia Williams share their secrets and Rachel Cooke, Dan Franklin and other judges of The Observer/Cape/Comica competition present this year’s winners.
Supported by The Observer, Jonathan Cape, Blank Slate Books and Walker Books

Sunday, 16 November: Conversations - Turning Classics Into Comics
4pm to 5.30pm, Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA. Tickets: Each talk - £6, £5 concs, £4 members (All three of today's talks - £15, £12 concs, £9 members
Shakespeare, Brontë, Wilde and Dickens are getting visual makeovers as comics. How does prose transfer to panels? What is lost, and found, in translation? Richard Appignanesi and Ian Edgington talk with their visualisers Mustashrik, Chie Kutsuwada and Ian Culbard, and John M Burns and Mike Collins discuss their versions of Jane Eyre and A Christmas Carol. Plus signings.
Supported by Classical Comics, SelfMadeHero & Letraset

Monday, 17 November: Ian Rankin - Crime & Comics
7pm to 8.30pm Theatre, ICA. Tickets: £10, £9 concs, £8 members

The great crime writer’s debut graphic novel, a John Constantine Hellblazer original called Dark Entries, is due next year. Tonight he shares his passion for comics and talks about their role in improving youth literacy.

Tuesday, 18 November: Alex Maleev: Master of Mood
7.15pm to 8.30pm, Nash Room, ICA Tickets: £10, £9 concs, £8 members
Maleev has injected atmosphere and realism into Daredevil, cult computer game Halo and an online serial of Stephen King’s N. Tonight he talks to David Hine about his work. Followed by signings alongside French guests Ted Benoit and Emmanuel Guibert.
Supported by Thought Bubble Festival & Orbital Comics

Wednesday, 19 November: Ted Benoit & Emmanuel Guibert: The Best of Bande Dessinée
7.30 to 9pm The French Institute Library, 17 Queensbury Place, London. Tickets: £3, £2 concs. Available from 020 7073 1350
A rare opportunity to encounter two of France's leading contemporary graphic novelists, now being translated into English. Ted Benoit is one of the greatest exemplars of the "Ligne Claire" and illustrates new tales of Blake and Mortimer, Edgar P. Jacobs' thoroughly British detectives, written by Jean Van Hamme. Emmanuel Guibert collaborates with Joann Sfar on space pirate Sardine in Space and mummified romantic comedy The Professor's Daughter and specialises in deeply touching memoirs such as Alan's War, recounting an American soldier's life, and The Photographer, about Didier Lefèvre's reportage on the Afghanistan war. The artists will be interviewed by Ann Miller, author of Reading Bande Dessinée, and Paul Gravett, director of the Comica festival, and will sign their books afterwards.
In association with Cinebook and First Second Books

Saturday, 22 November: Comica Comiket
1.00pm to 7.00pm Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA. A free event with London Underground Comics.
Meet and buy from self-publishing creators of comics and manga, in print, online and for mobiles. Watch them work and join in on workshops. Plus graphic novel signings.

Sunday, 23 November: Conversations: Great British Comics: Past, Present & Future
2.00pm to 3.30pm Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA. Tickets: Each talk - £6, £5 concs, £4 members (All three of today's talks - £15, £12 concs, £9 members)
Boyfriend, Battle, Rick Random, Roy of the Rovers! Steve Holland, David Leach and David Roach re-live childhood favourites with surprise guests, while John and Patricia Aggs, Gary Northfield and Sarah McIntyre look at The DFC, Derek the Sheep and the new worlds of kids' comics.
Supported by Bloomsbury, Carlton, DFC and Titan

Sunday, 23 November: Conversations: Stripping Off - Erotic Comics
4.00pm to 5.00pm Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA
Tickets: Each talk - £6, £5 concs, £4 members (All three of today's talks - £15, £12 concs, £9 members)
A romp through modern X-rated comics with Erich von Gotha, Lynn Paul Meadows, Garry Leach and Wicked Wanda writer Frederic Mullaly. Hosted by Tim Pilcher, author of Erotic Comics: A Graphic History.
With The Erotic Review & Ilex Press

Sunday, 23 November: Conversations: Live From Kirby Plaza
5.30pm to 7pm Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA. Tickets: Each talk - £6, £5 concs, £4 members (All three of today's talks - £15, £12 concs, £9 members)
Jack Kirby co-created much of the Marvel universe, including Captain America and the X-Men, as well as creating the epic Fourth World series for DC. His work is reappraised by Paul Gambaccini, Mike Lake and Chrissie Harper. Hosted by Paul Gravett, with live transatlantic links to biographer Greg Theakston, artist James Romberger and Kirby Museum archivist Rand Hoppe.
Supported by Jack Kirby Quarterly & Quality Communications

Monday, 24 November: Sunday, 23 November: Art Spiegelman: Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist As A Young %@*!
7.30 to 9pm Theatre, ICA Tickets: £10, £9 concs, £8 members.
The Pulitzer-winning creator of Maus returns to autobiography in his latest work, combining reflections on how comics have warped his life with a reprint of Breakdowns, his rare collection of strips from the 1970s.
Supported by Penguin Books

Monday, 24 November: Shelton, Spain & Spiegelman: Up From The Underground
6.45pm to 8.15pm Cinema 1, ICA Tickets: £10, £9 concs, £8 members
Three of the greatest members of the US underground comix movement recall the heady daze of their 1960s debuts, their cartooning careers and their latest releases: Not Quite Dead by Gilbert Shelton, creator of the Freak Brothers; a strip biography of Che Guevara by Spain, inventor of Trashman; and Breakdowns by Art Spiegelman.
Supported by Knockabout Comics, Verso & Penguin


Naruto - Ninja Clash In The Land Of The Snow/ Naruto 2 - Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel

Screenings: 23 November (double bill), 29, 30 November, Cinema 1 & 2, ICA
Tickets: Each film - tbc Double bill - £12, £11 concs, £10 members
A special anime double-bill with the first two features adapted from author Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series.

Film: Twentieth Century Boys
Screening: Wednesday, 26 November, 8.30pm Cinema 1, ICA
Tickets: tbc
A first look at the live-action version of Naoki Urasawa’s manga series, set to be the first in an epic fantasy trilogy.


From Friday, 14 November: Exhibition: PoCom 2 - Potential Comics Continued
ICA concourse & bar
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Le Gun’s Neal Fox, Bill Bragg, Emma Rendel and more fill our long wall with a graphic story mind-map.

Exhibition: Incredibly Strange Comics From Friday, 14 November, ICA concourse & bar
Reel at the world's most outrageous, weirdest comics: Amputee Love! The Girl Who Loved The Swastika! Trucker Fags in Denial! Supported by Aurum Press

For more details and tickets visit

Monday, 6 October 2008

Transformers Animated #1 Heads for Stores

On sale later this month is Transformers Animated #1 from Titan, the company's new tie-in with the latest animated incarnation of the phenomonally successful robots-in-disguise toy franchise.

The first issue, on sale from 23 October, includes ‘Sideswiped’, one of two new comic strip adventures, in which New Detroit is at risk from a villain who has the Autobots quaking in their boots – literally! Luckily, there’s a new bot on the block to help out.

The issue comes with some cool Optimus Prime pull-out posters and a free wrist blaster, joining Titan's Transformer Comic on the stands of all good newsaganets. Issue 17 of Transformers Comic is a giant-size issue on sale this week (9th October), and comes with free a free Roto Blaze Launcher.

More info on Transformers Animated on the Titan web site

Doctor Who has Come To Bed Eyes!

Doctor Who star David Tennant and The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole have been judged to have the best 'come to bed eyes' among UK celebrities, according to a survey by the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Tennant beat out charmers Dermot O'Leary and Simon Cowell(!), while Cole was ahead of former Doctor Who companion Billie Piper and Kelly Brook.

The survey aims to promote Eye Health Week, which runs until 12 October. This year the College of Optometrists and the Royal National Institute of Blind People are calling on the general public to keep their eyes happy and healthy by getting regular eye tests and making lifestyle choices that will safeguard their sight.

• In 2006, the second season Doctor Who DVD box-sets pioneered new audio navigation technology to help blind or partially sighted people navigate around the disc menus without needing to see the screen. See news story on the BBC's Doctor Who web site

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