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Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Scary nuclear stuff

Ooh, this is cheery: a dynamic map showing Chernobyl fallout applied to your choice of UK nuclear power stations (you can change the wind direction too).

I remember when Chernobyl went up and it raining buckets in Morecambe (as usual, really, back then), when I was working for Kall-Kwik as a designer, the whole week after.

That's why I have no hair. Honest.

Monday, 15 May 2006

Beaver and Steve

Ages ago, possibly even on this blog, I raved about Beaver and Steve, an online strip from the superbly talented James Turner (a fellow 20sixer, he of Erudite Baboon).

Anyway, he's only gone and had many of the strips collected by Soaring Penguin, and published in a real full colour book. And it's superb, very funny and well worth the £7.95 cover price.

Check out the web site and then buy the book. You won't be sorry. (Well, maybe you will, but that's you're own fault for trusting my erratic judgment about such things)...

Or, simply follow this link and buy it asap...

The Doctor Sings

This is a labour of love: "The Doctor Sings" will I'm sure eventually fall foul of both Tom Baker and BT, but someone has taken advantage of Tom Baker's use as the company's voice of text messaging (well, until recently, anyway) and created this site which has him 'singing' various songs.

Apparently, Baker spent 11 days recording 11,593 words and phrases, and, as the Pitchfork site points out, "if you subscribe BT you can access them all, making the most famous voice in British sci-fi tell dirty jokes, flirt with your girlfriend, or in the case of "The Doctor"-- an unidentified remix artist-- speak-sing songs".

Songs covered include Pulp's "Common People" and Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".

An innspired mis-use of BT...

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