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Monday, 23 March 2009

Comix Web Thing This Week

A quick reminder that the UK Comix Web Thing takes place this coming Saturday (28th March ) at the Great Hall, Queen Mary University, Mile End, London.

The event, which has been running since 2004, includes panel discussions, a drawing room, reading area and a huge number of stalls and other great stuff.

Creators at the event are as follows: John Allison, Kate Beaton, Patrick Brown, H. Davies (Bunny), Malcy Duff, Rene Engstrom (Anders Loves Maria), Paul Fryer, Ali Graham (AfterStrife), Liz Greenfield, Kelly Hernandez, John Maybury (Space Babe 113) , Sarah McIntyre, Aaron 'Smurf' Murphy, Ben Palmer, Caroline Parkinson, Roger Langridge, Luke Paton, Alastair Maceachern, Paul Rainey, Philippa Rice, Sancho, Nicola Stuart, Justine Tyme, Matthew Allen Smith, James Turner (Beaver and Steve), Genma Visage plus the Comics Creators Guild and publishers Banal Pig Publications (Steve Tillotson and Gareth Brookes), The Bedsit Journal, Bogus Baby, C2D4, Capes & Drapes, Captain Brave, Cardboard Press, Chamonkee, Crazy Pants, Cute But Sad Comics, Cruel Gossip, Dark, Darken, Decadence, Doctor Simpo vs Hexjibber, Dreamtripper, Edd Egg, Eddsworld, Ellerbisms, The Everyday, Fabtoons, Factor Fiction, Fallen Angel Media, Fetishman, Flying Monkey Comics, Flying Mooglet Prod, Rob Jackson Comics, Jump Leads, Hello Aunt Alicia, Hey Monkey Riot, Hope For The Future, Hueco Mundo, Inanimate Objectives, Itch, Last Hours, Little Gamers, Little Terrors!, Loon, Mallard Small Press, Massacre For Boys, Matter, Modern Monstrosity,Mindpuss, Matter, Naoru, Neptune Factory, Ninja Bunny, Not Regret Studios, Octopus Pie, Odd-Fish, People I Know, Poot Comics, Prick, Reckless Youth, REET!, Semiotic Cohesion, Soaring Pengiun, Slothboy3000, Steve & Bob, Toiletpaper Life, Tomorrows Joe, Tozo, Two Sides Wide, Unedible, Waiting For Sushi, Weather Wookie, What I Drew, Whores of Mensa, Wildways, WillyMJ, Words And Pictures, Video Nasties, Zip Gun Comics and Ztoical

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