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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

STRIP Digital Issue 5 available for iPad


The digital edition of STRIP Magazine #5, published digitally by ROK Comics on behalf of Print Media, is now on sale from iTunes for £1.99.

This digital edition of the anthology comic features many of the stories that appear in the print edition but some bonus items along the way, just for iPad readers – and at a special price.

- In Black Ops Extreme (by John Freeman and PJ Holden) the the do-or-die military team try to end an embassy siege in London - and confront a ghost from their past!

- The battle for the future of Earth hits the streets of Houston in Warpaint (by Phil Hester and John McCrea)!

- Reluctant hero Constant finds himself in a desperate race to find The Devil's Heritage (by Jerome Felix and Paul Gastine)!

- Witness some spectacular elven magic in Age of Heroes (James Hudnall and John Ridgway)!

- Read the magazine's latest STRIP Challenge – an all-new take on Arthurian legend, Half World War by Stephen Baskerville!

All this plus some exclusive, digital-only trailers for the new-look STRIP: The Adventure Comic Magazine, set to debut later in 2012 in print and for digital devices; full information on the new look we're planning in 'Comic Cuts'; an interview with comic creator Nick Abadzis; the crazy antics of Cosmic Patrol and Bogey-Man Bob; and a special taster of two comics from digital partner, ROK Comics - Team M.OB.I.L.E. and Houdini!

The print edition of STRIP Magazine Issue 5 includes additional strip material not included in this digital edition, but these will all appear in STRIP Magazine Digital Issue 6 out at the end of August. This special digital-only Issue 6 will wrap some storylines that complete in the print 'bumper' version of Issue 5 (still stuck in delivery hell), as well as again trailing the new look STRIP.

Promotion for Black Ops Extreme
by Richmond Clement and Stephen
Downey. Black Ops Extreme
© Print Media Productions
The digital issues of STRIP - for iPad only at present - are now available for just £1.99 each.

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 1 here: 

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 2 here: 

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 3 here: 

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 4 here:

• STRIP Magazine for iPad Issue 5 here:

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Dr Andy Oliver said...

Good stuff . And another end of august? Great.

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