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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Captain Britain: New Collection On Sale Soon

After many unforeseen and arduous delays, Panini UK's third collection of Captain Britain stories, The Lion and the Spider, is finally at the printers and should be out and in the shops in about six weeks time.

The collection, reprints Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain Weekly #239-247, Marvel Team-Up #65-66 (including the splash pages from Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain Weekly #249, 250, 252 and 253) and the Black Knight saga published in Hulk Comic Weekly #1, 3-30 (there was no Black Knight tale in issue #2).

This includes Captain Britain’s epic battles against villains such as Dr Claw and the d├ębut of Slaymaster, as well as the Lion of London’s team-up with Spider-Man and the start of his quest into Otherworld with the Black Knight.

Also featured in the collection is an exclusive intro by former Marvel UK editor Dez Skinn and eight pages of original concept/design sketches from Cap’s creation kindly provided by Larry Leiber.

"It’s been a long hard slog with this book," Panini editor Brady Webb, who edits the UK graphic novels range as well as Astonishing Spider-Man and Marvel Legends, told downthetubes, "but hopefully the fans will think it is worth it; I know I do!"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you John for obtaining this information.

I thought (when reading them initially) thathe Steve Parkhouse/John Stokes "Black Knight " stories were outstading mythic comments and its wonderful to have them available in this edition.

I don't know what difficulties Panini encountered but thanks to them for persevering and putting this collection together.

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