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Friday, 20 February 2009

Century 21 Cover Revealed

(Updated 2 March 2009): Publishers Reynolds & Hearn have just released the cover of their second volume of reprints from the classic British comics TV Century 21 and Lady Penelope, which will be published in limited hardback editions at the end of March.

For fans of classic British comics, both volumes are a must, comprising work by some outstanding creators. For fans of the Gerry Anderson TV shows, the stories take the characters and series to new heights, many stories far better than some of the TV episodes. The strips have been selected from across the whole run of the titles, TV21 first published in 1965 (or 2065, according to the covers).

Here's a rundown of the strips that will feature in both volumes: please note, story titles were not used in the original comics.

Century 21 Volume 1

• Fireball XL5 - The Astran Assassination (art by Mike Noble)
Stingray - The Haunting of Station 17 (Ron Embleton)
Stingray - Superjunk (Gerry Embleton)
Thunderbirds: Chain Reaction (Frank Bellamy)
Thunderbirds - The Devil's Crag (Frank Bellamy)
Thunderbirds - Starburst (Brian Lewis)
Lady Penelope - The Luvenium Affair (Frank Langford)
Zero X - Planet of Bones (Mike Noble)
Captain Scarlet - The Football King (Mike Noble)
Captain Scarlet - Leviathan (Don Harley)

Buy Century 21: Classic Comic Strips from the Worlds of Gerry Anderson Volume 1 from

Century 21 Volume 2

Fireball XL5 - Giant Ant Invasion (Art by Mike Noble)
Fireball XL5: Planet of Fire (Mike Noble)
Stingray - Monster Weed Menace (Ron Embleton)
Thunderbirds - Curse of the Elastos (Ron Turner)
Thunderbirds - Secret of the Iceberg (Frank Bellamy)
Lady Penelope - The Androids of London Affair (Frank Langford)
Zero X: Prisoners of the Eye Leaves (Mike Noble)
Captain Scarlet - Formicide (Don Harley)
Captain Scarlet - The Beginning of the End (Jim Watson and Mike Noble)

Buy Century 21: Classic Comic Strips from the Worlds of Gerry Andserson Volume 2 from

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