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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

London SuperCon announces fourth wave of guests

The London Super Comic Convention, running 23rd - 24th February 2013, has just announced a fourth wave of guests at the event, joining names such as Neal Adams, J Scott Campbell and Brian Bolland previously announced.

The latest comic creators set to attend are:

  • Dan Slott - Writer of Amazing Spider-Man, Mighty Avengers, Avengers: The Initiative, She-Hulk, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, Batman Adventures, Looney Tunes, or Ren & Stimpy
  • Neil Edwards - Artist on Fantastic Four, Squadron Supreme, Captain America, Mighty Avengers, Herc, Spider-Man Season One and current artist on Dark Avengers
  • Kieron Gillen -Writer of Uncanny X-Men, Thor, Journey Into Mystery, Generation Hope. Currently writing Iron Man and Young Avengers
  • Jamie Mckelvie - Artist on Secret Avengers, Siege: Loki, Invincible Iron Man, Wolverine, Ultimate Spider-Man, Generation Hope, and is currently working on the forthcoming X-Men: Season One Graphic Novel
  • Simon Furman - Writer of Alpha Flight, Death's Head, Doctor Who, Dragon's Claws, Robocop, She-Hulk, Terminator, Torchwood, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and What If?  He is currently writing Transformers: Regeneration One, 
  • Al Davison - Artist on Doctor Who by IDW, Hellblazer, House of Mystery and The Dreaming
  • Simon Davis - Artist on covers of 2000AD over the past 20 years, Sinister Dexter', Stone Island and Ampney Crucis Investigates
  • Ian Edginton - Written Leviathan, Stickleback and, The Red Seas as well as one-off serials such as American Gothic. He worked on Top Cow's Pilot Season and Stormwatch: Post Human Division
  • Adi Granov - Has provided covers for X-Men, Nova, Avengers, and interior artwork for Iron Man
  • Erik Henrix - Writer of SideShows and the upcoming The Evil Tree, Champions of the Wild Weird West, Deadly Harvest, The Book, The Slave Trade
  • Peter Hogan - Writer of Crisis and Revolver, Terra Obscura and The Dreaming. Ongoing adventures of Tom Strong and Resident Alien
  • Kev Hopgood - Artist for Iron Man, 2000AD and Games Workshop
  • Frazer Irving - Artist on Klarion, The Witch Boy, Azrael: Death's Dark Knight, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman and Robin as well as covers for Bedlam by Image
  • John-Paul Bove - Colourist on Godzilla, Doctor Who, Transformers, GI Joe.
  • Marco Santucci - Artist on Secret Invasion: Spider-man, X-factor, Siege: Spider-man and Captain America: Forever Allies
  • Ralph Tedesco - Writer on Se7en, Salem’s Daughter and Grimm Fairy Tales’ Inferno
  • Marco Turini  - Artist on Squadron Supreme, Marvel Comics Presents and a new Top Cow comic to be released in February
  • Chris Weston - Artist on Swamp Thing, The Invisibles, Starman, JSA, Lucifer, and The Authority. More recently he worked on The Filth,  Ministry of Space and The Twelve. 
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