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Monday, 25 February 2013

Lee Sullivan continues work on 'Minister of Chance'

Lee Sullivan's "The Horseman" poster for The Minister of Chance. © Minister of Chance
Comic artist Lee Sullivan, whose latest published comics work is Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #2 from IDW (read our interview), has dropped us a line about a SF audio project he's working on: The Minister of Chance.

"The Minister of Chance is a crowd-funded continuation of the story of the character created by Dan Freeman for the first Who webcast Death Comes To Time, which he produced and wrote," says Lee. "I drew artworks for that, which were used for the accompanying animations. It's available free through iTunes.

"The Minister was first played by Stephen Fry, now by Julian Wadham. There's a whole galaxy of Who and SF related actors involved (Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, etc.) and it's what they call a 'sonic movie'."

The project has reached its fourth episode and is now sourcing backing to make episode five.

"I draw occasional images for Dan to get excited about and to give another facet to an amazing project," Lee explains. "The series was nominated for the BBC Audio Drama Awards and I finally got to talk with David Tennant there.

"A lot of us Chancers are going to be at BritSciFi3 event at the Space Centre in Leicester on 9th- 10th – so come along and say hello!"

Lee has also been busy on another Doctor Who project recently.

"I've just produced two Doctor Who posters which are going to be incorporated in a limited edition box-set of artworks connected with the series as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations," he reveals. "A version of my 'Usual Suspects' pic (with just the 11 TV Doctors) is one and the other is an entirely new piece, again featuring all the legit Doctors plus their TARDISes."

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