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Friday 12 June 2009

Millidge on Comic Book Design

When we think of comics it's all too easy to reduce them to pictures and word balloons. But a good comic also relies on effective page layout, framing, point of view, story pacing, spacing, lettering and many other techniques that - paradoxically - must remain invisible to the lay reader.

Written by award-winning comics writer, artist and editor Gary Spencer Millidge, ILEX Press Comic Book DesignComic Book Design, which recently went on sale, lays bare the design processes and unique grammar behind this art form.

Using hundreds of examples of artwork from some of the biggest and most-respected names in comics, Gary lifts the lid on the techniques and ideas that underpin the greatest comics, providing a fascinating insight for readers, writers and artists alike.

"This book is something that I consider to be one of my major works," enthuses Gary on his blog. "Quite apart from writing approximately 40,000 words on the subject, I had to research, locate, select and scan several hundred appropriate images in an attempt to illustrate the points I was trying to make. Packaged in a lavish 10 ix 11 inch format
it contains 160 full-colour pages and takes a design-oriented view of the creation of comic books, strip-mining the depth and breadth of comics history for its example illustrations.

"It's not exactly a how-to book, although there are some nice examples of behind-the-scenes materials," he continues. "It doesn't include anything much about drawing or anatomy or perspective. It's more about how comics work, how creators consciously or unconsciously design a character, a story, a page, a panel; and how it all comes together to form the unique visual storytelling that only comics can offer. There are sections on lettering and colour and publication design itself, and each section is punctuated by a designer spotlight on creators like Brian Wood and Chris Ware."

Comic Book Design is published by Ilex Press in the UK and Watson-Guptill in the US and should be available from any good comic or book retailer, in-store or online.

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