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Monday, 26 January 2009

Rainbow Orchid Re-Mastered Update

Garen Ewing has updated fans on progress with his Rainbow Orchid collections, with the first volume of this critically-acclaimed indie strip now scheduled to be published by Egmont UK in August 2009.

" I have been working practically every minute of the past two weeks going over part one with a fine-tooth comb, re-lettering, dialogue editing, and in some cases re-drawing entire panels," the artist, who drew Charlie Jefferson and the Tomb of Nazaleod for The DFC comic reveals. "... I don't think I've been to bed before 3 am most nights, and a couple of days ago I did a 38-hour stint, with just a 2-hour mid-morning snooze!

"But I think it's been well-worth it," he adds. "...
It's great to finally get what I actually wanted down on paper.

"To answer the main question, The Rainbow Orchid (volume one) should be out in August 2009, and I will confirm that as soon as I'm able. Having now completed the 're-mastering' (for want of a better term)... I will be conjuring up some artwork for the extra pages in the book - it should be a very nice little package when all put together."

The Rainbow Orchid was originally started in 1997, but it wasn't until 2002 that it got going properly, with the series published in indie comics anthology BAM! These strips were eventually published in a black and white collected edition in order to guage public reaction, and it quickly sold out at British comic cons, nominated for two National Comic Awards and then sold out through internet sales. The last copy was sold on ebay for £79, with some frantic last-minute bidding.

In 2006 the story started receiving interest from publishers, and in the Spring of 2008 The Rainbow Orchid was picked up by Egmont UK.

Read Garen's full post on remastering Rainbow Orchid on his blog
Rainbow Orchid publication checklist

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