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Sunday, 2 October 2011

In the Spotlight: Ron Embleton

One of our most popular and talented artists, Ron Embleton - whose work is getting major promotion this month over at the Book Palace web site's Illustration Art Gallery - began drawing as a young boy, at 12 winning a national poster competition.

At 17, he earned himself a place in a commercial studio but soon left to work freelance, drawing comic strips for many of the small publishers who sprang up shortly after the war.

He was soon drawing for the major publishers. His most fondly remembered strips include 'Strongbow the Mighty' in Mickey Mouse Weekly, 'Wulf the Briton' in Express Weekly, 'Wrath of the Gods' in Boys’ World, 'Tales of the Trigan Empire' and 'Johnny Frog' in Eagle and 'Stingray' in TV Century 21.

Embleton also provided the illustrations for the title credits for the Captain Scarlet TV series, and dozens of paintings for prints and newspaper strips, including 'Snow White', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Wicked Wanda' and 'The Magic Apples'.

A meticulous artist, his illustrations appeared in Look and Learn for many years, amongst them the historical series Roger’s Rangers.

- Check out the gallery of his work on sale at the Illustration Gallery

1 comment:

keith Page said...

I met Ron Embleton a few times and much enjoyed a visit to his Bournemouth studio.Both he and his wife were very charming

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