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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Gosh London's 'Phoenix Activity Day' kicks off at 1.00pm today

Gosh London Phoenix Activity Day
Back on Free Comic Book Day, Gosh Comics in London got a bunch of artists to come in with their pencil cases, draw all over their windows then sit down at the big Gosh! table and drew cartoons with kids all day. Sarah McIntyre (Vern & Lettuce) was one of those amazing pen-wielders and has some pictures over at her blog.

If you missed it, then never fear, because today (Saturday 3rd November) Gosh are doing it again, this time to promote stellar weekly kids’ mag The Phoenix.

If you’re yet to pick up a copy of The Phoenix, Gosh urge you do so so forthwith for the benefit of your wee one, especially if you’re still mourning the loss of the much-loved DFC. "As they say on their website, it’s aimed at 8 to 11 year olds but they’ve got fans as young as three and I’ve seen dudes in suits buying it for themselves," a Gosh spokesperson declares on the fab shop's blog. It’s full of weekly strips, long-running stories, one-off strips, competitions and all sorts, by the likes of Jamie Smart, Dave Shelton, Nick Abadzis, Kate Brown, Simone Lia, Chris Riddell and more, for £2.99 a pop."

this afternoon frm 1.00pm, Gosh Londn play host to three Phoenix artists – Neill Cameron, Lorenzo Etherington and Gary Northfield who will be there to agan plaster the shop's windows in cartoons and ink.

If you’re aged between 6 and 13, come on down and draw some stuff with people who get to draw stuff as their actual job. It’s free! And you can ask them how to be a cartoonist. They’re captive and have to be nice to you.

• Gosh London is at online


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