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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Stately Hunt Emerson releases CD

Birmingham-based cartoonist Hunt Emerson is to release a single, Josephine, on May Day 2011.

Released on the new Spritely Records label, Josephine is a song by legendary singer-songwriter John Otway and described by Hunt as "an epic tale of  innocence lost set on a village green during traditional revels."

Dripping with pagan passions, we're told Josephine, performed by Hunt and Stately Homes of England (aka Billy Milk and White Glove), comes in a variety of mixes and several desirable editions including an 8 track CD in beautifully designed Hunt Emerson sleeve (£5); a CD plus 4 signed A3 prints by Hunt Emerson (£20); an 8 track download (£2) or individual tracks (79p); and, for the real Emerson (or Otway) fan, a deluxe edition limited to TEN copies only,  which includes CD, A3 prints, an original drawing by Hunt Emerson, and a top quality Spritely Records apron,
all packaged in a special envelope.

Along with the regular 8 tracks, the Deluxe CD includes two extra mixes, one of which
will be exclusive to each CD. The highly collectable Deluxe edition of Josephine will be priced at £100.

Hunt has a longtime connection with the British music business as well as his amazing cartoons for the likes of Fortean Times, The Beano and other titles. In the past he worked with bands such as The Beat (currently on tour, by the way) and Jazz Butcher (google them if you've never heard of them, their music is great fun).

• Hunt is taking pre-orders for the Deluxe edition now at (where you can listen to a short version of the track)

• Hunt Emerson's Official web site:

• Stately Homes of England:

1 comment:

Hunt Emerson said...

Thanks for the plug! I'd just like to add that :

The record is on sale now - go to my website

The cost of CD + Prints is £15, not £20

You can see the YouTube version on

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