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Sunday 3 October 2010

Super Squirrel Undefeated: The Get-Well Carlos Project

Kev Levell's cover for the Get Well Carlos
Back in July, comic fans heard the news that the legendary comics artist Carlos Ezquerra was suffering from lung cancer, so they thought it would cheer him up if they sent him a get well card – and that it would make sense to say it with comics.

The project quickly morphed into a book as comic creators from across the globe got enthusiastic about sending Carlos their best wishes and that book has now been delivered to a very surprized but delighted Mr Ezquerra.

Wrapped in a cover drawn by Kevin Levell, the comic included get well messages from a host of creators.

Now, a public version of this has now been released and can be found at the main download link and a back-up if that doesn't work.

A grateful Carlos - who had one lung removed in the battle in an ongoing effort to beat the cancer - has now sent a couple of messages through Facebook to Mark Howard, the man who made all the magic happen, indicating how much the comic meant to him and how it's helped given him renewed determination to defeat the illness as he undergoes chemotherapy.

"I was overwhelmed with the get well card," he writes, "a massive 34-page book full of beautiful illustrations and extremely nice words. It filled my heart with joy and my eyes with a couple of tears.

"What can I say but thanks - you are beautiful people and [you've] given me a reason to fight this illness and carry on working."

The Get-Well Carlos team are now working on a follow up project and you can read more about that here on the downthtubes forum courtesy of The Emperor, if you want to take part.

Get Well Carlos Comic Card

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