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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Doctor Who (And Sarah Jane) Adventures

Doctor Who AdventuresWith the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures now being broadcast on various BBC channels, junior Who comic Doctor Who Adventures has given over pages to the series and in the current issue the 12 centre pages of the 36 page magazine are a "12 page pull-out mini mag" promoting the children's series.

Unusually this season the Sarah Jane TV series started with a very dark story about The Nightmare Man rather than its more usual kid-pleasing alien runaround but, with Julian Bleach (new Who's Davros) as the titular character plus Sarah's son Luke and K-9 dispatched off to university at the end of the episode, the series continues to both evolve and to remain an enjoyable off-shoot of the main Doctor Who series. This enjoyment is bound to continue for both old and new Doctor Who fans with new Doctor Matt Smith and old companion Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning, appearing in the third story of the series.

Meanwhile the weekly Doctor Who Adventures magazine has now reached a remarkable 188 issues. Published by BBC Magazines and edited by Moray Laing, DWA continues to publish a comic strip featuring the Doctor and Amy and the 4 page colour strip in the current issue is written by Trevor Baxendale with art by John Ross and colours by Alan Craddock.

John Ross at the second Oxfam Comics Day

Long standing DWA artist John Ross appeared at the second Oxfam Comics Day event in Edinburgh earlier this year (Ross centre between 2000AD/Megazine's David Bishop on the left and Gordon Rennie on the right) and is due to appear at the Cardiff International Comics Expo at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff on Saturday 26 February 2011 along with other Doctor Who comics authors and artists.

Doctor Who Adventures is published each Thursday and costs £2.20. More details are available on the title's website.

The official BBC Sarah Jane Adventures website also includes this on-line comic, Return Of The Krulius.

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