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Friday, 18 December 2009

Eagle Times Warms Up Winter

ET22-4.jpgThe latest issue of Eagle Times (Vol 22 No 4, Winter 2009) is now available from the Eagle Society, wrapped in this cheery winter scene that illustrated an article titled 'He wants to be a Postman' from the Christmas issue of Eagle published in 1956 (Volume 7 No 52).

(Anyone who saw Panorama this week will clearly be wishing for a return to such times when post people were valued rather than poorly served by their management...)

The full line up of contents includes:

  • Eagle artists at home - recollections of Eagle illustrators Frank Hampson, Ron Embleton, Keith Watson, Frank Humphris, John Worsley, Peter Jackson and Don Lawrence in the 1970s and 1980s

  • John Dyke - the third in a series of articles about Eagle's nature artists reveals what is known of the artist of 'Advice on your Pets' and 'Discovering the Countryside'

  • Treasure, John Worsley and 'Wee Willie Winkie' - the PC49 artist's spot-illustration work for Fleetway's pre-school periodical Treasure

  • Dimworthy and Co, part 2 - concluding a review of Eagle's school strip stories

  • Rod Barzilay's Spaceship Away Day - photographs and review from the second gathering of 'Dan Dare' fans at Bournemouth in November 2009

  • 'The Case of the Purple Paint' - a PC49 Christmas story

  • The Late Jack Daniel - some personal recollections about Eagle's first 'Riders of the Range' artist

  • Under the 1950s Christmas Tree - some toys Santa might have left for you back in Eagle's times

  • 'Nowhere' is not quite what it seems - a review of the 1956 Pathe Pictorial on Frank Hampson and the 'Dan Dare' Studio, which you can view in part online online via British Pathe

  • Is there Anybody there? - an address to the Eagle Society at the 2009 Annual Dinner

  • Christmas Eagles - a look at Christmas issues of Eagle, its some of its companion and rival papers.

  • Eagle Autographs, part 6 - a post-script covering the Eagle Club's figureheads

  • What's in a name, part 2 - concluding a look at the career of the multi-talented Gerry Embleton, the artist who brought back 'Dan Dare' in "new" Eagle (1982)

  • Eagle Annual: the best of the 1960s comic - a review of Orion Books' latest "nostalgia" publication

  • Pop Music during Eagle times - part 18, covering 1967

To obtain a copy, join the Eagle Society via Annual Subscription, which includes a subscription to Eagle Times, which is published four times annually. The Subscription rate for 2010 is: UK £23; Overseas £34 (in £s Sterling, please)

• Apply by snail mail to: Keith Howard, 25A Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2UA. Enquiries:

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