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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ricardo Garijo: The Commando List

Following up on our tribute to Argentinian Commando artist Ricardo Garijo who died earlier this month after a long illness, ace archivist Vic Whittle has very kindly sent us a list of his Commando work.

Commando4236.jpgDC Thomson have announced they plan to reprint some of his stories in 2010 as a tribute to the popular creator. A current issue of Commando, "Need To Know", is one of his last works before he died, but his fans may find this list of his work helpful in suggesting titles they would like to see again.

His first Commando title, 2469 Another Tight Spot..., was released in early May 1991, and has yet to be reprinted.

Ricardo did the artwork for over 90 Commando titles and the cover art for one - 3818 Fighting Back!

Included in Ricardo's titles (listed below, numbers in brackets indicate the issue has been reprinted), were four of the "Challenge" series titles, 1994 - 1995.

His last printed title 4236, Need to Know was released this month.

Commando2469.jpg2469 Another Tight Spot...

2485 (4120) Rescue Team

2514 (4110) Death Duel

2543 (4216) Cellar Rats

2557 (4175) Dagger of Doom

2575 Mercenaries!

2592 An Inch from Death

2606 Combat Zone

2617 (3990) Kidnap!

2631 Too many Enemies

2650 Escape Line

2679 (3991) Mafia Gold

2690 (3997) Password to Freedom

2703 The Black Gauntlet

2721 Blood Hostage

2742 Battle Patrol

2746 Rogue Challenge

Commando2774.jpg2774 Space Watch (Cover by Ian Kennedy)

2790 Axel's Challenge

2808 The Satan Challenge

2823 Hired Killers

2837 Wolfe's Challenge

2862 Murder Road

2874 Door Gunner

2898 Forgotten Enemy

2928 Double Identity

2950 Hired to Kill

2993 Joe the Joker

3010 Fear in the Forest

Commando3029.jpg3029 Red Commando

3056 Boxer Terror

3079 The Mutineers

3090 Deadly Safari

3113 Rimble in the Jungle

3129 Battling Bull

3138 Death Zone

3162 Fight for Finland

3173 Bound for Burma

3190 Back to Berlin

3208 Trust Nobody!

3218 Black Sun

3238 Lych's Law

3254 Hold the Highground

3269 Fighters from the Sky

3285 Tiger Killer

3309 Warriors in Time

3330 Watch - and Wait

3343 Camera-Action

3367 Red Double Cross

3382 A Lonely War

3398 Seek the Stingers

3417 Assault Force

3440 A Man to Fear

3455 Curse of the Carsons

3470 The Weakest Link

3489 Know the Enemy!

3505 The Ritter Ring

3528 Code-Name Neptune

3543 The Misfit Maurauders

3553 Terror in the Tunnels

3569 Survival Mission

3586 Desert Jinx

3599 Dive into Danger

3608 Flying Tank

3632 The River Raiders

3642 Misfit Squad

3646 Jimmy goes to War

3665 The Long Road Home

3678 Unseen Enemy

3690 Returned to Unit

3709 Down to Earth

3726 Escape to Siberia

3741 Island of Storms

3750 Bad Move

3762 Deadly Payload

3783 Fighting for the Flag

3792 Driving into Danger

3809 Tank Attack

3818 Fighting Back! (Inc: Cover)

3832 Mystery Mission

3848 Storm Troopers

3865 Aces for Hire

3881 Rocket Man

3897 War of Words

3917 Escape to Survive

3926 Aces on Ice

4068 Sentenced to Death

4105 Strike Squad

4129 Jimmy's Private Air Force

4139 Rebel Army

4211 Storm over Spain

commando_needtoknow.jpg4236 Need to Know

If you have any particular favourites, send your suggestions to Commando via their official web site:

Web Links

Ricardo Garijo: Official Web Site


Commando Magazine: Commando Artist Ricardo Garijo

News Report on Ricardo's Death from El Eco de Tandil (in Spanish)

Bear Alley Obituary by Steve Holland


Prensa Espacial, 26 February 2008 (in Spanish, about his astronaut portraits: Google Translate Link)

Card Work

Monsterwax War of the Worlds Card Images

Commando art © DC Thomson.

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