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Friday, 5 March 2010

Robot Archie Needs You!

Robot Archie - an image from 1964 © IPC(with thanks to Leah Moore and John Reppion): Back in 2005 and 2006, British comic creators Leah Moore, John Reppion and artist Shane Oakley had the opportunity to resurrect a big gang of classic UK comics characters in their dad/father-in-law (some bloke called Alan something or other) plotted Wildstorm series, Albion.

"We loved scripting The Spider, Charlie Peace, Grimly Feendish… every single one of them to be honest," recall Leah and John. "It was a true honour (not to mention loads of fun) working with such important, influential characters and it’s almost impossible to pick just one favourite out the lot.

"We did, however, always have bit of a soft spot for the battling British robot himself -- Robot Archie -- and it seems we are not alone.

"www.RobotArchie.com (not yet live) aims to be the definitive fan-site for Archie enthusiasts the world over and we’re doing our bit to help make that dream a reality," they reveal on their web site. "So, Robot Archie fans, here’s how you can help. Artists: RA.com wants your Robot Archie pin-ups and more! Writers: RA.com wants your articles on Archie, his history, reviews, interviews, and anything else you can think of!

"Fans: RA.com wants your cover scans, collectors info, classic interviews and everything else!

"Anything Robot Archie related you can think of (within reason), RA.com wants!" the pair enthuse.

Leah and John are keen to stress that they are not running www.RobotArchie.com themselves but they will be doing everything they can to help out with getting the site up and running and getting as many people involved as possible. If you want to submit artwork, articles, or whatever to the site you can use www.moorereppion.com/contact and they’ll be only too happy to pass your info on to the RA.com webmaster.

"Robot Archie is a true British icon: a symbol of a lost age when Newsagents’ shelves groaned under the weight of a vast range of truly fantastic, original and spellbinding UK comics," notes John. "Let’s try to recapture some of that magic and work together to make www.RobotArchie.com a fitting tribute to Archie and all he stands for."


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