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Friday, 8 May 2009

Expo "Live Blogging" and More Moore

(with thanks to Joe Gordon at FPI): SF fan and 2009 Hugo Nominee Cheryl Morgan who is really active at the science fiction and fantasy conventions but is braving more comics culture to go to Bristol, has set her blog up to do some liveblogging over the weekend from the show. Paul Cornell, Simon Gurr and Tony Lee should be supplying guest Tweets (from Twitter, in case you didn't know what that was) to it as well.

The 'live' bit should start at around 10.00am on Saturday but at the moment you can have fun dipping into it pre-Expo, as Tony has already confessed that he's managed to spill Jack Daniels over the trouser press in his room...

"Cheryls’s coming from more of an SF&F background, so if you’re going there and see her be nice," says Joe Gordon, "and if, like me, you can’t be there then it should be a way of checking in through Saturday and Sunday to see what’s happening."

Joe also tells us the third and final part of their mega interview with Alan Moore is up, where Alan took some questions from readers, including some cheeky young jackanapes called Jon Reppion. If you’ve not had time to read the first parts yet (and it is huge so it may be more weekend reading when you have time!) there are links to parts one and two included in the part three posting:

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